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LGBTI cruise line launching in 2017

LGBTI cruise line launching in 2017

A new LGBTI cruise line will set sail into the sunset in 2017

A cruise line catering exclusively for LGBTI passengers is launching in 2017.

The company, called Anteros Cruises, describes itself on its Facebook page as ‘the world’s only year-round, yacht-like cruise line made for the LGBT community’.

Director David Huang told Echelon magazine: ‘We are thrilled to present this novel, overdue concept in travel dedicated to the LGBT traveler, featuring itineraries to popular as well as off-the-beaten-path ports that are designed to make the LGBT traveler feel completely welcome and catered to every step of the way.’

He added: ‘We believe that being yourself and enjoying yourself should flow together, so we have created a world-class cruise experience that celebrates the finer things without forgoing the most important thing, the openness for LGBT travelers to be who they are without judgment.’

For more information about Anteros Cruises, visit the official website by clicking here.