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LGBTI-friendly drinks brand creates wine designed to be drunk over ice

LGBTI-friendly drinks brand creates wine designed to be drunk over ice

Just in time for summer, gay-friendly wine label Barefoot Wines has revealed Barefoot Refresh; a range of light-bodied wines designed specifically to be served over ice.

The range features a white, red and rosé (named Perfectly Pink), and besides being lighter than traditional wines, offer a subtle fizz.

Californian-based Barefoot Wine has been a proud supporter of LGBTI communities for more than two decades, and is a frequent supporter of Pride parades around the world.

A statement on its website makes clear its support: ‘We partner with over 100 different LGBTQ local non-profits as well as national charities like GLAAD, CenterLink, InterPride and GALA Chorus. We’ve toasted to same-sex marriage on top of a giant wedding cake. We’ve walked Pride festivals around the globe and danced with every kind of Barefoot fan out there.’

It’s a supporter of this weekend’s Pride in London festival, of which Gay Star News is a media partner.

‘We know that wine lovers are devoted to their favorite tipple, but when the weather starts heating up, we all turn to something a little bit lighter to keep us feeling revitalized,’ says brand manager Alexis Byron about the new range.

‘We’ve shaken up the summer drinks category and introduced Barefoot Refresh as the exciting new range that offers the best of both worlds. It’s an invigorating take on your typical wine – just pour it over ice and cool down with some fizz as you bask in the sunshine.’

For more information about Barefoot Refresh and stockist details, check its official website.