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LGBTI homeless shelter for 250 people planned for Poland

A shelter for marginalized LGBTI people has been proposed for the Polish city of Warsaw that would house 250 people and provide free meals and help to find jobs

LGBTI homeless shelter for 250 people planned for Poland

Poland’s LGBTI support group Lambda Association is seeking funding for a shelter for marginalized young LGBTI people under a European Economic Area and Norway Grants program which would house 250 at risk people and provide them with free meals, help finding work, and access to social workers.

Lambda Association already runs a variety of services for LGBTI at risk people including online and in person counseling, support groups and the biggest LGBTI library and archive in Poland and the group hopes this new project will allow them to further support LGBTI people who are at risk of homelessness because of rejection by family members.

The start up costs for the project has been costed at around €85,000 (around $US120,00) and Lambda Association hope that grants from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein will fund the project.

Lambda Association spokesperson Yga Kostrzewa told TVN24 that the organization was often contacted by people who were facing homelessness.

‘We very often get calls on our help line from people who have nowhere to go,’ Kostrzewa said, ‘So there is a very big need for such a center.’

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