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LGBTI Indians still fighting for social acceptance

LGBTI Indians still fighting for social acceptance

An LGBTI flashmob in Mumbai, India (Photo: Twitter)

Nearly 2 out of 5 LGBTI Indians believe battling for equal rights and social acceptance is the biggest issue facing the community, a YouGov survey found.

India decriminalized gay sex in September last year.

Nearly 40% of respondents said they had witnessed a change in attitudes and perceptions towards the community since the landmark Supreme Court ruling.

Nearly half (48%) said India was progressing in terms of LGBTI rights.

‘Marriage and adoption is one of the challenges faced by the community, with 31% agreeing’ Deepa Bhatia, general manager, YouGov India also said in a statement.

‘But the need for equal rights [in all areas] and social acceptance definitely exists.’

YouGov India quizzed 300 LGBTI Indians in June 2019.

LGBTI rights in India

India’s Supreme Court in September last year ruled the country’s anti-gay law was unconstitutional.

Section 377 of India’s colonial-era Penal Code punished gay sex with up to 10 years in prison. But, the Supreme Court said it violated rights to privacy.

Indians, therefore, celebrated the decriminalization of an estimated 4.5 million LGBTI people.

But, LGBTI activists and leaders warned it would take time for society and businesses to accept homosexuality.

India currently does not protect LGBTI people with anti-discrimination legislation.

What’s more, the transgender population has slammed a government bill purported to protect their rights.

LGBTI Dating habits in India

The YouGov surgery also found 30% of LGBTI Indians are looking for love online.

Interestingly, the most active users of LGBTI dating apps were those who identify as bisexual.

A quarter of this population reported using LGBTI apps to meet people.

‘Social networks and dating apps are great avenues for the LGBTQ+ community looking for love’ said Bhatia.

‘These platforms provide acceptance and the option of anonymity, especially for the ones who have not come out of the closet yet.’

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