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Campaigning on LGBTI issues, fifth-grader becomes Connecticut Kid Governor

Campaigning on LGBTI issues, fifth-grader becomes Connecticut Kid Governor

Ella Briggs, Connecticut's newest Kid Governor

A fifth-grade student recently became the newest Connecticut Kid Governor after running on a campaign of LGBTI safety.

Ella Briggs was announced as next year’s Kid Governor last Wednesday (21 November). She attends attends Ana Grace Academy of the Arts Elementary Magnet School in Avon.

‘Something that really made me want to run is when someone came up to me to tell me they were part of the LGBTQ community but they were too afraid to tell anyone,’ she said during her announcement.

‘I felt my heart break for them. I want to help all the kids who feel like that, to feel free to be who they are.’

Briggs had three major components of her campaign:

  1. Adoption programs for LGBTI youth
  2. Train teachers on working with LGBTI students
  3. Create youth programs for LGBTI kids and allies

Here is Briggs’ campaign video:

More than 6,400 fifth-graders registered to vote in this year’s election for Kid Governor.

Seven candidates moved on to the week-long election. Other students’ campaign platforms centered around issues like child poverty, child literacy, recycling, and more.

The rest of the students will make up Briggs’ cabinet. As in past years, they will meet regularly to work on their issues, as well as other issues pertinent to fifth graders across the state.

‘Ella’s passion and conviction for her platform are inspiring, said Brian Cofrancesco, head of the Connecticut’s Kid Governor program, in a statement.

‘Her ideas clearly resonated with the fifth-grade voters who elected her to serve as their governor. Every year, our candidates step up to tackle challenging issues, many with impacts reaching far beyond fifth grade. Ella will certainly carry on that Kid Governor tradition.’

H/t: Middletown Press

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