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LGBTI job seekers invited to Apprenticeship Careers Show

LGBTI job seekers invited to Apprenticeship Careers Show

Young LGBTI job seekers are being encouraged to attend the Apprenticeship Careers Show

The Apprenticeship Careers Show – formerly the Diversity Apprenticeship Careers Show – returns to the Business Design Centre in Islington, London, this Friday (9 October).

Despite the name change, organizers will again be hosting a range of exhibitors that they say ‘want to invest in a diverse and inclusive workforce.’

Firms that will have a presence at the event include online fashion retailer Asos, Transport for London, Civil Service Fast Track Apprenticeship, Telegraph Media Group, Accenture, the Army and Royal Navy, and financial institutions Lloyds of London, RBS, TSB, among others.

Sarah Garrett, the event’s founder, is also the promoter of the annual British LGBT Awards and the upcoming Diversity Careers Show (returning to London’s Royal College of Surgeons on 23 October).

She said in a statement, ‘The Apprenticeship Careers Show is a fantastic way of introducing employers to the diverse pool of talent within the UK. It’s great to see so many employers who want to invest in an inclusive workplace and that starts with 15-year-olds who are still at school.

‘The event is a great opportunity for people to have their career horizons expanded, learn new skills and come face to face with real life employers.’

‘Over the past few years, companies in Britain have recognized the need to invest in people from all walks of like,’ she told Gay Star Business. ‘Having a diverse mix of talent, whether they are straight or LGBTI, makes business sense and creates a positive atmosphere in the workplace.’

Besides exhibitors offering advice to attendees, there will be a range of workshops, covering such topics as: filming a video application on a smartphone; what employees can find out about applicants via social media; communication skills; and a talk from actor and musician Ryan Gibb on the subject of following one’s dreams.

The event, which is aimed at 15-24 year olds, is free to attend for those who register in advance on the official website.

The number of people taking up apprenticeship places dipped in England in 2014, but as part of its election manifesto in early 2015, the Conservative government set a target of creating 3million new apprenticeships over the course of this Parliament.

Last week, Business Secretary Sajid Javid commented on the fact that that apprentices aged 16-18 years would get a 20% increase in their wages from 1 October, going from £2.73 an hour to £3.30 an hour. He said that the increase was to ensure, ‘that apprenticeships remain an attractive option for young people.’

Commenting on the wage increase when it was first announced in March, Martin Doel, Association of Colleges chief executive, told FE: ‘The increase to the minimum wage for apprentices is very welcome in recognizing the value that apprentices provide to employers and in recognizing the costs that many apprentices have in transport and living costs.

‘It makes the apprenticeship route still more attractive to young people seeking to earn while they learn.’