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LGBTI MP Justine Greening suggests there could be a second Brexit vote

LGBTI MP Justine Greening suggests there could be a second Brexit vote

Justine Greening on Question Time in 2017

LGBTI Conservative MP Justine Greening has announced a new Brexit referendum could be held within six months.

Greening has said that if parliament defeats Theresa May’s Brexit deal on 11 December, another country-wide poll might be a real possibility. The new referendum might take place on 30 May.

Furthermore, such a move would see the Article 50 process for the UK leaving the EU extended. This would mean Brexit would not occur on 29 March as previously announced.

A Brexit referendum in 22 weeks

Speaking at a People’s Vote campaign event in London, the former education secretary said: ‘I’ve worked out that you could plan and hold a referendum in 22 weeks.’

‘We could actually, after this vote on 11 December, hold a referendum, potentially, on 30 May next year. We could, alongside that, choose to extend Article 50, I’ve suggested, by four months to July 29.’

The ballot paper would give voters three options: remain in the EU, leave with May’s deal or leave with no deal.

Justine Greening came out with a Brexit joke

The Putney MP came out as LGBTI on Twitter in 2016, two days after the Brexit referendum.

‘Today’s a good day to say I’m in a happy same sex relationship, I campaigned for Stronger In but sometimes you’re better off out!’ she tweeted on Pride in London day two years ago.

Greening referred to the advocacy group Stronger In, which unsuccessfully campaigned to remain in the UK ahead of the referendum.

She has received the support of many fellow politicians after her coming out.

‘The feedback has been phenomenal. Thoughtful. Loving. I’ve really appreciated it, because it was a big thing to do,’ she said to the Evening Standard at the time.

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