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LGBTI migrants forced to leave caravan because of discrimination

LGBTI migrants forced to leave caravan because of discrimination

Central American migrants, many of whom identified as LGBTI, reach Tijuana (Photo: YouTube)

A group of LGBTI migrants has left the caravan of Central Americans heading to the US border hoping for asylum.

They allege discrimination from the main group, according to US media.

At least 70 members of the caravan had arrived at the Mexican border town of Tijuana on Tuesday (12 November), Newsweek reported.

They are the first of a group of thousands of migrants making its way from South and Central America to seek asylum in the US. Importantly, many of this initial group identified as LGBTI.

LGBTI groups this weekend blasted US President Donald Trump’s executive order blocking migrants from claiming asylum if they enter the country via Mexico.

The US saw a spike in anti-immigrant rhetoric from many conservatives during the lead up to the midterm elections.

Local journalist Jorge Nieto reported the LGBTI group had clashed with residents. They checked in to an Airbnb with funds from US lawyers.



Members of the group, some of whom identified as LGBTI, said they had faced discrimination from the caravan.

Individuals told NBC they had not suffered physical violence from the caravan.

But, migrants said, they were victims of verbal violence.

‘Even to bathe was a big problem, and when we wanted to shower there was no water…same with food,’ the group’s leader, César MejíaMejía, told NBC San Diego.

He said they planned to stay in Tijuana a week.

On Sunday (11 November) officials in the central Mexican city, Queretaro, said 6,531 people traveling with the caravan were on their way to Tijuana.

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