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LGBTI Muslim group opens its doors to all religions for Ramadan

LGBTI Muslim group opens its doors to all religions for Ramadan

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After terrorists attacks against different religions around the world, one LGBTI Muslim group wants to bring everyone together to heal.

In the past two months alone, an attack on a mosque in Christchurch killed 51 people, while suicide bombers killed 359 Christians attending Easter Sunday Mass in Sri Lanka and a shooter killed one person at a Jewish synagogue in San Diego, US.

‘This year we’ve seen a spike in the horrific attacks against people of faith,’ Faizan of London based LGBTI Muslim group, Imaan, told Gay Star News.

‘We’re reaching out to specifically to LGBTI people of faith in an act of solidarity in support of each other, we’re reaching out to all LGBTI people of faith.’

The holiest month on the Islamic calendar, Ramadan, has just started which requires Muslims to fast between sunrise and sunset. The meal eaten after sunset is known as an Iftar.

On every Saturday during Ramadan, Imaan holds an Iftar for LGBTI Muslims who might be estranged from their families and feeling lonely to come together.

Its Iftar is usually open to all people. But this year Imaan is making a point of bringing together LGBTI people of faith.

‘We’re very keen and open for people to come,’ Faizan said.

So far they’ve had a good response from other LGBTI groups of faith Moishe House – a Jewish group – and Sarbat Sikhs.

What to expect on the night

People are welcome to come along about an hour before sunset to Positive East in Stepney Green, London. In that hour they’ll find volunteers setting up food and is a chance to meet others.

Faizan said guests can bring a plate of food if they wish to and reminded people that if they bring meat dishes, that the meat needs to be halal.

‘We open the fast with dates, that’s traditional in Islam,’ Faizan said.

‘Some people will choose to go and pray, sunset is one of the fives daily prayers for Muslims. We have washing facities if you want to wash (before prayer), and some people pray after eating as well.’

‘Come and join us to see what we do.’

Details on the Imaan LGBTQI Muslim Iftar can be found here.