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Most LGBTI people are scared of loneliness as they age but traveling helps

Most LGBTI people are scared of loneliness as they age but traveling helps

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Most LGBTI people are scared of being isolated and lonely when they retired. However, the majority of older LGBTI people who have retired are happy – and spend their life traveling.

Gay Star News conducted the huge survey to coincide with the inaugural, global LGBTI Founders’ Day on 24 September.

It created LGBTI Founders’ Day to tackle ageism.

It promotes the idea that the LGBTI world owes its current freedom to the older generations. Furthermore, Founders’ Day will emphasise that older LGBTIs are very much at the heart of our community today and have wisdom and experience to pass on to younger people.

The majority of LGBTI people want to travel

Of the over 3000 people surveyed, 55.99% of people said they feared loneliness and isolation when retiring.

However, of the people who have retired, the vast majority say they are enjoying it. 44.41% said they love it and 26.73% said they like it, compared to the 1.17% and 4.58% who hate it and don’t like it respectively.

Yet there’s a correlation between the happiness scores and the number of people who traveled in their free time.

52.15% of people said they traveled and 59.45% said they would like to travel in the future.

Other top answers include relaxing at 65.37% and spending more time with friends at 40.19%.

What’s heartening too is that of those who have not retired, 56.82% of them planned to travel.

So while relaxing is definitely a popular option, traveling may just be the answer to being truly satisfied with your time while retired. Which is not surprising: seeing amazing things and connecting with people from all works of life is an essential part of travel.

What have you done with your retirement? 

  • Kept working part-time: 23.92%
  • Traveled: 52.15%
  • Taken up hobbies: 38.93%
  • Spent more time with friends: 40.19%
  • Spent more time with family: 29.17%
  • Spent more time alone with my partner: 35.15%
  • Written a best-selling novel: 1.78%
  • Volunteered: 35.99%
  • Studied: 23.40%
  • Relaxed: 65.37%
  • Sat around in my pyjamas watching daytime TV: 19.31%
  • Had more sex: 16.47%
  • Other (please specify): 25.92%

What else would you like to do with your retirement? 

  • Keep working part-time: 20.98%
  • Travel: 59.45%
  • Hobbies: 32.02%
  • Spend more time with friends: 40.66%
  • Spend more time with family: 22.62%
  • Spend more time alone with my partner: 23.39%
  • Write a best-selling novel: 11.15%
  • Volunteer: 32.90%
  • Study: 25.57%
  • Relax: 35.96%
  • Sit around in my pyjamas watching daytime TV: 11.26%
  • Have more sex: 42.51%
  • Other (please specify): 14.32%

What fears do you have about retiring?

  • Money: 72.89%
  • Health/ illness: 69.57%
  • Loneliness/ isolation: 55.99%
  • Reduced mobility: 46.42%
  • Having to leave my own home: 16.10%
  • Losing my partner or loved ones: 42.52%
  • Losing my looks: 30.95%
  • Going back into the closet: 11.17%
  • Other (please specify): 8.25%

What do you plan to do with your retirement? 

  • I don’t think I’ll retire, I’ll keep working: 28.18%
  • Keep working part-time: 46.39%
  • Travel: 56.82%
  • Hobbies 43.64%
  • Spend time with friends: 45.07%
  • Spend time with family: 34.02%
  • Spend more time alone with my partner: 32.53%
  • Write a best-selling novel: 9.11%
  • Volunteer: 40.21%
  • Study: 21.48%
  • Relax: 40.89%
  • Sit around in my pyjamas watching daytime TV: 15.75%
  • Have more sex: 15.81%
  • Other (please specify): 7.79%

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