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LGBTI people hijack anti-gay politician’s hashtag with same-sex kisses

LGBTI people hijack anti-gay politician’s hashtag with same-sex kisses


Jacob Rees-Mogg is tipped to be the next Conservative leader of the UK, but his campaign took an unlikely turn on Thursday (8 September).

As a Catholic, Rees-Mogg is staunchly against same-sex marriage and abortion.

But a ‘grassroots movement’ Twitter account tried to get a hashtag of support going for the political hopeful.

‘MoggMentum’ aims to throw support behind the 48-year-old Conservative party member, but Twitter user Alex Andreou had an idea.

Andreou tweeted: ‘Wouldn’t it be a DREADFUL thing, if homophobic leadership wannabe Jacob Rees-Mogg’s hashtag was totally swamped by homoerotica?’

Rainbow MoggMentum

Everything from same-sex kisses to gay marriages started flooding the hashtag and it even became a Twitter moment.

It also became a great way for people to share their favorite gifs and gay erotica.

The MoggMentum Twitter page responded to the tweets: ‘I find it extremely amusing that people keep direct messaging me people of the same gender kissing as if I oppose it. Neither me or JRM care.

‘If you cared to listen to the interview on you will perhaps understand it’s the terminology and concept of marriage that is the issue.

‘Which is an issue between the church and state. I have no qualms about homosexuality or want to interfere in other people’s lives,’ MoggMentum tweeted.