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Here are the best stories about being the token ‘gay cousin’ this Christmas

Here are the best stories about being the token ‘gay cousin’ this Christmas

Are you the gay cousin at Christmas?

The holiday season is typically all about spending time with family, but sometimes it can be hard being the only LGBTI person sitting around the dinner table.

So social media users took to Twitter to share their hilarious stories about being the token ‘gay cousin‘ at Christmas this year.

So let’s get the ball rolling with this tweet: ‘Shout out to all of us Gay Cousins these holidays.’

One Twitter user wrote: ‘The gay cousin, the face-piercing cousin, and the cousin always going out for walks are all very difficult positions to occupy and I think it’s very brave of me to take care of all three.’

Then another tweeted: ‘I’m both the gay cousin and the middle aged aunt who drinks wine and dances to ABBA.’

And another wrote: ‘It’s so hard being the smart cousin, the hot cousin AND the gay cousin. I really carry this family on my back.’

One Twitter user said: ‘Being the gay cousin at the family get-together has a lot of responsibility. I hold up the humor and liveliness.’

Another tweeted: ‘Arriving at my family’s Christmas party and opening Grindr to see which of my uncles and cousins are gay.’

Were you the only LGBTI person during the holiday season this year? Share your story

And if you’re all by yourself this holiday season, you’re not alone.

The Rainbow Cards Project is a small, grassroots initiative. It was launched in 2017 by Elena Roberts-Wright, who prefers to simply go by the name El.

Its aim is simple: to send cards to those whose families don’t send them cards.

‘Unfortunately, too many LGBTQ+ people face prejudice, ignorance and sometimes even outright abuse from their family, simply for being who they are,’ says a statement on its website.

‘These people are often ostracised and outcast by their family, and not receiving a card on their birthday or during the holidays can be a very clear and upsetting statement of rejection, especially during these times that are supposed to be so full of love,’ she said.

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