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LGBTI people with disability to launch Fearless Express at Sydney Mardi Gras

LGBTI people with disability to launch Fearless Express at Sydney Mardi Gras

People With Disability Australia attends the Mardi Gras Fair Day in Sydney (Photo: Facebook)

LGBTI people with disability will raise awareness for accessible public transport at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras pride parade on 2 March.

Five Australian disability organizations have organized the Fearless Express float. It will highlight the barriers LGBTI people with disability face in day to day life, according to the Star Observer.

Led by poet and artist Georgia Cranko, it will also raise awareness of the right to inclusion and sexual expression for people with disability.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance, National Disability Insurance Agency, Women with Disability Australia, Northcott, and People with Disability Australia (PWDA) organized the float.

PWDA president David Abello told Star Observer that inaccessible public transport isolated LGBTI people with disabilities.

‘It cuts us off from LGBTIQA+ communities. It makes it hard for some of us to make friends, find partners, have relationships and celebrate disability LGBTIQA+ pride!’

Meanwhile, a record-breaking 150 LGBT people with disability marched in the 2018 Mardi Gras.

A 2018 study by La Trobe University also found LGBTI people with disability experienced discrimination both from disabled and LGBTI communities.

Mardis Gras

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras kicked off this weekend with the Fair Day. Organizers this year are shunning single-use plastics and going glitter-free.

Festivities continue until 3 March with the parade taking place on 2 March. The parade attracts thousands in the LGBTI community every year. The theme for 2019 is Fearless.

What’s more, LGBT gamers are excited that a Final Fantasy XIV float is scheduled to join the procession.

This will be the first video game-themed float to take part in the march.

This year also saw the return of Sydney’s rainbow crossing in the heart of Sydney’s LGBTI neighborhood.

It is the first in the world to be both the color and shape of a rainbow, the City of Sydney said in a press release.

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