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This adorable LGBTI prom in the Philippines let pupils wear whatever they wanted

This adorable LGBTI prom in the Philippines let pupils wear whatever they wanted

Student Ray Alvin Arandia wore a full-length ball down to his prom Philippines

Deciding what to wear for prom can seem like the hardest decision you make at school.

But one high school in the Philippines helped make that decision not just an easy one, but one they’ll never forget.

Mangaldan National High School in Pangasinan gave their students free rein to wear what they wanted for prom.

And one male student rocked-up in a fierce full-length ball gown.

‘Just be yourself’

Grade 12 student Ray Alvin Arandia spoke to GMA News about what wearing the dress meant to him.

‘It’s a lot because we’re allowed to wear what we want,’ said Arandia.

‘Just be yourself, and do not be afraid.’

On the other hand, Grade 10 student Keely Lalimario dressed to impress in a black-and-white tuxedo.

She said she was ‘happy, because we are allowed to do so.’

Another student said: ‘They are right to wear whatever they want, whether they are male or female, gay or lesbian.’

Parents gave their full consent 

The school’s monitoring head, Danilo Eden, said parents gave their full consent to the idea.

‘We do not prohibit it, and we also inform the parents of our students,’ the school official said.

‘What they feel and what they want to wear, they have the freedom to do this. ‘

LGBTI-inclusive proms across the world 

But this was not the only prom to go LGBTI-inclusive.

On the other side of the world, queer pupils in Poland attended an ‘Equality Prom Dance’ earlier this month.

And the most cutest video came along with it.

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