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LGBTI show Gentleman Jack increases tourism to Anne Lister’s house

LGBTI show Gentleman Jack increases tourism to Anne Lister’s house

Suranne Jones (R) and Sophie Rundle in Gentleman Jack | Photo: BBC

It might not have scored an Emmy nod, but LGBTI period drama Gentleman Jack has definitely had an impact on viewers.

The BBC and HBO co-production on the life of lesbian Anne Lister might be, in fact, the main cause of tourists suddenly flocking to her manor house in West Yorkshire, England.

Lister, known as Gentleman Jack, was an English life-affirming, charismatic, sex-positive heroine who paved the way for the LGBTI community in the pre-Victorian era.

She refused to surrender to heteronormative rules by pursuing same-sex relationships that she documented in her lengthy journals.

Gentleman Jack and Shibden Hall

With Suranne Jones in the titular role, Gentleman Jack has captivated audiences thanks to its fresh LGBTI representation. Viewers particularly praised the relatable same-sex sex scenes, choreographed with the help of an intimacy coordinator.

Back from her travels across Europe, Lister would always go back to her ancestral home, located in Halifax. Shibden Hall, that viewers got to see in the show, maintained its recognizable Tudor frontage to this day.

New opening hours

A tourist attraction, Shibden Hall has now extended its opening hours to cope with a significant increase in visitors. Tourists are also coming to Halifax from the US, where the show aired on HBO.

The show location will also be open on Fridays. The council is also considering to open the hall during winter. Moreover, nearby Bankfield Museum, which has a display of outfits and accessories from the show, is also in the process of extending its opening hours.

In May, it has been revealed that BBC ordered a second season. The second instalment of the series created by Sally Wainwright will be released in 2021.

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