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Here are all the LGBTI winners at the 2018 Academy Awards

Here are all the LGBTI winners at the 2018 Academy Awards

James Ivory, Daniela Vega, Darla K Anderson and Andy Molina

The LGBTI community was represented at the 2018 Academy Awards.

While not all the LGBTI nominees won in their respective categories a montage about promoting inclusion and diversity included trans and queer respectively film makers Yance Ford and Dee Rees.

The first LGBTI winners went to the film makers of A Fantastic Woman. The Chilean film about a trans woman recovering from the death of her lover.

A Fantastic Woman’s star, Daniela Vega, also made history as the first trans presenter at an Academy Awards.

Disney’s Coco won the Best Animated Feature and was the next big winner where LGBTI people were well represented.

Coco producers Darla K Anderson and Adrian Molina thanked their wife and husband in their acceptance speeches.

They also highlighted the importance of representation of diverse culture in film.

‘Coco is proof that art can change and connect the world. And this can only be done when we have a place for everyone and anyone who feels like an other to be heard,’ Anderson said in her acceptance speech.

Call Me By Your Name

The gay love story that took the world by storm, Call Me By Your Name, missed out on a win in most of the major categories.

But screenwriter James Ivory became the oldest winner of an Oscar when he won for his adapted screenplay of the book by the same name.

Ivory hit the red carpet wearing a shirt adorned with an illustration of Call Me By Your Name’s lead character, Elio.