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LGBTIs have the power to get a People’s Vote and stop Brexit

LGBTIs have the power to get a People’s Vote and stop Brexit

LGBT+ for a People's Vote at the 700,000 strong march in London

Brexit poses the greatest new risk to UK LGBTI rights we’ve seen in years – but a People’s Vote to stop it is now highly likely.

Virtually nobody supports Theresa May’s miserable Brexit compromise. A new snap YouGov poll shows 63% are against her. A clear 59% now favor a People’s Vote or second referendum. And 72% of LGBTI people want a new referendum, now all the facts are known.

Prime Minister May barely scraped her deal through cabinet. She’s highly unlikely to get it through parliament. Her own party, her DUP allies, Labour, the SNP, the Liberal Democrats and others all agree it is bad for Britain.

What fewer people know is that her government has managed Brexit in a way that undermines constitutional protections for LGBTI people.

Gay Star News published the Brexit: The LGBT Impact Assessment in April. Since then, we’ve seen Brexit turn out so badly that further dangers have emerged. Among these is the deeply concerning prospect that the Brexit chaos could stop the supply of HIV drugs and PrEP into the UK.

You can stop Brexit

But there is a real alternative to Theresa May’s new Project Fear. We do not have to accept no deal or this bad deal. We can secure a People’s Vote.

Gay Star News has been working closely with the People’s Vote campaign. They tell us our chances of securing a new vote, including the option to Remain in the EU, are now high.

But they need you to write to your MP to help ensure it happens. Parliamentary experts say that just a handful of letters can sway an MP on this issue.

To make it easy, the People’s Vote has created this tool. It automatically creates a letter for you, based on your MP’s stance as a Leaver, Remainer, or neither.

You can send your letter as it is. Or choose to personalize it further.

If you do want to add to it, you may want to point out how Brexit will hurt you as an LGBTI person.

Act now to get a People’s Vote

A People’s Vote is in the national interest.

The majority of people in the UK now agree that Brexit will leave our economy weaker, the NHS poorer and the everyday person with higher taxes. Our standard of living will be lower and more children will live in hardship. It will cost us our jobs and our freedoms.

Theresa May’s deal was dreamt up by a handful of people meeting in secret. To force it on the rest of us, as she is attempting to do, is autocratic rather than democratic.

By contrast, passing the final decision back to the public in a second referendum is an exercise in democracy. It’s also our best route to avoid disaster.

If we win, we may get even more than the right to remain in the EU. We will also stop narrow-minded nationalism in its tracks. And we will prove patriots can also be good Europeans and open-minded citizens of the world. Future generations will certainly thank us.

Every one of us must act now, or live forever with the consequences. Please email your MP and call for a People’s Vote.

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