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LGBTIs more likely to buy or sell homes than straight people

LGBTIs more likely to buy or sell homes than straight people

15% of LGBTI people are planning to buy or sell a home in the next six months.

LGBTI people are far more likely to buy or sell a home than their straight counterparts, new research reveals.

In a representative study Emerald Life, the UK’s first full-service insurance provider for the LGBTI community, asked 2,023 adults about their plans for the next six months; their results were then compared to a sample of straight people.

As it turns out, in a property-obsessed country, the LGBTI community is a major force on the property market.

Of the surveyed adults, 15% said they’re planning on buying or selling a home in the next half year – nearly 50% more than in the straight group, where 9% said the same.

And for those who aren’t planning on moving, home improvement is on the horizon.

In the survey 5% said they were planning a major home improvement project. The numbers are on the same level as the straight survey group and the national average, both of which also sit at 5%.

‘Our research dashes the somewhat patronizing stereotypes sometimes held towards the community of a focus on frequent parties, travel and a love of all things frivolous,’ said Steve Wardlaw, Chairman of Emerald Life.

‘There’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of that but when it comes to the things everyone gets serious about – moving home, getting that next career break or making a commitment to a life partner – in all these areas, it is the LGBTI community that is leading these trends rather than following the non-LGBTI majority.

‘Simply put, it is the direct consequence of greater acceptance and equality for the LGBT community, allowing them to live, love and settle down, reflecting the similarities between both communities rather than highlighting differences.’

Moving in with a partner is something 10% of surveyed LGBTI adults are planning, compared to 3% of straight adults.

They only fall behind when it comes to going on a big holiday, which 22% of straight people said they were planning to do between now and October – compared to 17% of LGBTI people.