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Here's how LGBTQ families are getting into the holiday spirit this year

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...

Here's how LGBTQ families are getting into the holiday spirit this year
This is how you be merry and bright. | Photo: Instagram @bigdognyc

The holidays are just around the corner and people everywhere are embracing jolly spirits.

Whether it’s decorating, visiting Santa, or partaking in the delicious foods and drinks of the season, there are plenty of ways to make the most of this time.

LGBTQ families are taking to Instagram this year to show how they’re celebrating the holidays and they are crushing it.

Here are some of our favorite families being merry and bright!


A gay dad and his son buying a Christmas tree.

Tree shopping with dad. | Photo: Instagram @davidmolinodunn


Two dads sitting with their child wrapped in lights.

All lit up. | Photo: Instagram @wanderdads


Moms and their twins with Santa.

Meeting Santa. | Photo: Instagram @73w

‘After 17 years together, 2017 is finally our first year celebrating the holidays as an LGBT family,’ Mel told GSN.

‘So we decided to start a simple tradition, one photo with the four of us, with the twins on Santa’s lap. We’re so happy to start it! We couldn’t be more blessed with this rainbow family, it’s a dream come true.’


Gay dads and their child buying a Christmas tree.

Buying a tree. | Photo: Instagram @bigdognyc

First you need to find the perfect tree…

Gay dads and their child sitting in front of the decorated tree.

Presents by the tree… | Photo: Instagram @bigdognyc

… And then you need to decorate it!


Mom and her child in matching holiday plaid.

Plaid forever. | Photo: Instagram @raffinee


Gay couple and their dogs with holiday decorations.

Dog dads. | Photo: Instagram @nickschrades

Dog familes are also the best!


Gay couple and their baby with the Christmas tree.

First Christmases are special. | Photo: Instagram @nolapapa

Celebrating the two-year anniversary of their first Christmas together is always special.


Gay dad holding son with Christmas tree.

Belting out those Christmas carols. | Photo: Instagram @burganandbrine

Burgan from South Australia told GSN: ‘For our little family, the festive season is by far our favorite time of year.

‘It’s a season full of love and cheer with our family and friends… and champagne. Lots of champagne.’


Lesbians kissing under the mistletoe.

Mistletoe is also a must. | Photo: Instagram @thesexy_0ne

Lesbian couple with daughter in holiday outfits.

So are holiday outfit photoshoots. | Photo: Instagram @thesexy_0ne


Ornament with two moms and child.

The best ornament. | Photo: Instagram @ranaevonmeding

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