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Liberace’s lover jailed for up to 20 years

Liberace’s lover jailed for up to 20 years

Liberace’s most famous gay lover is to face up to 20 years in jail after repeatedly failing drug tests.

Scott Thorson, 54, spent five years with the pianist and wrote about his experiences in the book Behind The Candelabra: My Life With Liberace.

He was sentenced to eight to 20 years in a Nevada jail yesterday (23 January) for failing a string of drug test while on probation for burglary and identity theft convictions.

Judge Flanagan originally gave the dead star’s lover a suspended prison sentence in July, and gave Thorson a second chance in September after he tested positive for methamphetamine.

‘I’m just asking for another chance,’ Thorson said in court. ‘I can’t help who I am. I’m in show business. I attract these cameras.’

Judge Flanagan said he was ‘not impressed’ with Thorson’s ‘so-called celebrity status’.

‘You’re just like any other addict who has committed a crime against a victim,’ he added.

He published his memoir the following year after Liberace’s death in 1987.

In 2013, the book was adapted into a film starring Damon as Thorson and Michael Douglas as Liberace.

In 2008, Thorson was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to felony drug and burglary charges.

He was sentenced to five years’ probation last year after being caught using stolen credit cards at a hotel in Reno, Nevada.