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What does it mean to be liberated as an LGBTI person? This new music video explores that

What does it mean to be liberated as an LGBTI person? This new music video explores that

DeJ Loaf in her Liberated video

Here is the definition for liberated: (Of a person) showing freedom from social conventions or traditional ideas.

This is what recording artist DeJ Loaf explores and celebrates in her new single. The song features Leon Bridges and hailes from DeJ Loaf’s upcoming debut album.

She calls the song her ‘favorite record of her career’.

In a new video for the song, real-life testimonies anchor it to real-life. One of those testimonies is Teddy Geiger, who helped write the song, and also recently came out as trans.

Along with the song, DeJ Loaf and her team launched a website all about the idea of liberation.

It features a gallery of real-life people sharing their experiences with being liberated.

Here is Geiger’s liberated story.

‘Feeling confident, proud, and alive’

DeJ Loaf, who hails from Detroit, calls her song as a ‘powerful, life affirming song’.

‘Liberated is about freeing yourself from negativity, doubt or anything that shackles you. Its about feeling confidant, proud and alive,’ she continues.

‘That moment when you aren’t looking over your shoulder or worrying about what others are thinking. When you realize you are LIVING. Kick off your heels, let your hair down, turn the volume up, break out into dance, be free to be you!  I want people to hear the song and feel fearless. The message is simple – just do it!’

The video highlights that, showcasing all different kinds of people living their best lives.

‘I won’t judge who you love or your brown skin,’ DeJ Loaf sings in the song. It’s a good reminder.

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