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Library exploring legal options after Christian man burns LGBTI books

Library exploring legal options after Christian man burns LGBTI books

Iowa man burns lgbti books

A library in Iowa is reviewing its legal options after a Christian man rented and burned some of its LGBTI themed books.

Paul Dorr rented the books from the Orange City library and filmed himself burning them in a 30 minute video.

Dorr is the director of Rescue the Perishing, a organization that campaigns ‘against moral evil to advance the Kingdom of Christ’ by standing ‘against abortion, the sexual revolution in general, corruption in the churches and colleges.’

In the video which has since been removed from the internet Dorr says ‘you won’t be peddling this one anymore. You should all be ashamed of yourselves and repent.’

Now the Orange City Library is considering what actions it should take against Dorr.

The library’s director, Amanda Vazquez, told the Daily Beast she had ‘alerted the board’ and spoken to authorities about the ‘next steps’. Vazquez said it is considering possible legal action.

A few days after he burned the books, the Orange City Library board voted to keep the LGBTI themed books on its shelves.

Good for library business

Iowa City Public Library director, Susan Craig, threw her support behind their smaller counterpart.

She said any attempts to ban or destroy books would only result in more interest from the public.

‘Now everyone will want to read these books,’ she told Iowa City Press Citizen.

‘It’s good for circulation.’

Craig argued that people should have the right to access books of all beliefs. She also said freedom to choose what to read forms the core of public libraries’ missions.

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