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Life-changing trans summer camp needs your help to send 70 teens to Essex

Life-changing trans summer camp needs your help to send 70 teens to Essex

Gendered Intelligence has hosted a trans summer camp every year since 2010

The group behind a popular summer camp for trans and gender non-binary youngsters has called for funding ahead of two planned trips later this year.

Gendered Intelligence hopes to get 70 trans and gender non-binary campers to Essex for the trips, but needs to raise £12,000 ($15,900,€14,400) in funds it make it happen.

A Crowdfunding page can be found here.

The non-profit organization has hosted the camp for young people aged 11-24 once a year year since 2010.

The camp looks to remove issues around the typical gender segregations at other camping residential for young people. This year, it was inundated with requests, receiving 134 applications for the 70 spaces available.

At the time if writing, £4,784 (or 39%) has been raised of the £12,000 target, from 173 backers. There are 29 days left to make a donation.

Gendered Intelligence director Dr Jay. Stewart said: ‘A few years ago one of our young members described the camping trip as “a little bit of paradise”. This has always stayed me – partly because it’s wonderful to know that Gendered Intelligence is providing such valuable experiences, but also because it motivates me and the team who are working hard to make society more trans-inclusive.

‘Because at the end of the day, going camping should be fun no doubt, but “paradise”? It points out to me that everyday life for young trans people is generally difficult. So in the meantime, until we make the world more intelligent about gender, let’s go camping.’

Camp-goer Alex told us: ‘Going for the first time is probably the best thing I’ve ever done. I don’t think I would have made it through the last two years alive if I didn’t have the friends, strength and experience that camp has given me. The majority of good things in my life definitely wouldn’t have happened without camp.’

To donate, click here. For more information about Gendered Intelligence, click here.