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Life sentence for men who murdered trans person in Pakistan

Life sentence for men who murdered trans person in Pakistan

A transgender woman in Pakistan

Two men in Karachi were sentenced to life in prison after they murdered a transgender person.

On Wednesday, Muhammad Ali Hajano and Umair Khan were found guilty of killing Fida Hussain in September 2008.

Judge Sikandar Ameer Pahore read out verdict at a sessions court in a judicial complex at Karachi Central Jail. He also ordered the men to pay a fine 50,000 Pakistani Rupees (USD477).

‘The documentary evidence and statements of other witnesses also supported the testimony of star witness and the case stood proved beyond any shadow of doubt,’ Pahore said in his sentencing remarks.

Police tracked down Hajano and Umair in January 2009 in connection with Hussain’s murder. They were also wanted for a series of other crimes.

Hajano is the son of a former executive district officer for education, and Umair was a car mechanic.

They wreaked havoc in the Defence Housing Authority in Clifton – an affluent suburb of Karachi – and surrounding areas.

The men committed a series of robberies, attempted to outrage the modesty of women and other crimes at around the time they killed Hussain.