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What is it like to have a child using a sperm donor?

What is it like to have a child using a sperm donor?

Lisa conceived her son, Lennon, with the help of a sperm bank

SPONSORED: When you are thinking of starting a family you might consider using a sperm bank to help you have a child. But what is it really like to go through the process as a lesbian couple?

Sperm donation made it possible for Lisa and Kelly to become parents to their little boy, Lennon. They share their thoughts on their experience with the London Women’s Clinic and the London Sperm Bank.

Lisa: We decided to use the London Sperm Bank because when we decided to start a family it was quite important that we were accepted as a couple.

Kelly: We decided that we wanted to go private because we wanted Lennon to have answers to all the questions that he needed, as and when he decided to ask them. We were very conscious that, yes, we wanted to start a family but we were always thinking of what would be best for our child, Lennon.

Lisa: Although I carried Lennon and I am the birth mum, I’ve always had a real maternal drive, to be a mother. It was always something that I wanted to do. To carry him was an absolute dream, an absolute privilege.

Kelly: As the other mum I was treated brilliantly well by everyone, they treated me as equal parent – exactly how the father would be treated. It has been brilliant since day one and if we ever had any questions or queries we could just pick up the phone to them and they were excellent.

Lisa: We never felt like we were being rushed or just another number. We felt like we were a couple and how we felt was important.

Kelly: When we came to choose our donor we were quite surprised by the choice really. Lisa got to carry and I got to choose the donor. We had a look through and there were really basic characteristics: color of their hair, the skin type, hobbies, interests that sort of thing. One of them stood out to us straight away. There was one who was from Australia, which is where we honeymooned. He had blue eyes, quite athletic and good education. He stood out straight away – and that was a sign and it was easy that he was our choice.’

Kelly: Our advice to same-sex couples who are looking for a place where they can be treated with respect, treated completely with dignity and service being absolutely impeccable is to use the London Women’s Clinic and London Sperm Bank.

Lisa: The London Sperm Bank literally made our dreams come true.

Lisa and Kelly were patients of the London Women’s Clinic and London Sperm Bank in 2015. You can find out more about their story at: