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Lindsay Lohan gave a speech at the cutest same-sex wedding ever

It's clear Lindsay thought someone should wear a white dress...

Lindsay Lohan gave a speech at the cutest same-sex wedding ever
Thorgeir Olafsson
Lindsey and the happy couple

Over the weekend, Lindsey Lohan attended the wedding of two of her best friends – Scott Guinn and Oliver Luckett.

Guinn works as a music supervisor and Luckett founded social media management company, theAudience.

The wedding took place in Iceland, where Luckett moved to so he could work with Björk. Quickly, Luckett and Guinn made a long-term home purpose built for them by an Icelandic artist.

Photos were taken by Thorgeir Olafsson.

Congrats to the newly weds!

The wedding was held on Saturday afternoon at the Borealis Hotel in Úlfljótsvatn. Also in attendance was the Icelandic Prime Minister, fashion designer Daniel Lismore and Azog from The Hobbit, real name Manu Bennett. What a combination.

Lindsey spoke at her friends wedding reception

Speaking at the reception, we can only image the inspirational musings she spewed. If her speech in Mean Girls was anything to go by, we’re jealous we had to miss out.

The combination of the high-profile guest-list and the equally as stunning views made for an amazing day. Congrats to the happy couple!

We’re curious what was her wedding gift for the couple…

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