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Lisa goes Gaga and Gaga kisses Marge

Homer's wife and the pop goddess share a lesbian kiss in the last episode of the 2012 series of Simpsons

Lisa goes Gaga and Gaga kisses Marge

Lady Gaga is openly bisexual. She loves cartoons as well. So why not to share a lesbian kiss with Marge Simpson?

On the last episode of the 2012 series of The Simpsons on Sunday (20 May), Lady Gaga tries to comfort Marge, who is worried about her daughter Lisa’s depression.

It’s not like the kiss between Britney Spears and Madonna, of course. But it’s another breakthrough for the animated series which has featured LGBT issues several times before, most notably a lesbian wedding when Marge’s sister Patty came out as gay.

Lady Gaga plays herself in the episode ‘Lisa goes Gaga’. The Gaga Express train stops in Springfield to cheer Lisa up. 

Using the power of positive thinking and her songs, Gaga tries to show Lisa and Springfield that individuality beats conformity.

In the episode, Lady Gaga wears 18 different dresses.

Watch the lesbian kiss:

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