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Lisa Simpson is ‘possibly bisexual and polyamorous’, says showrunner

Lisa Simpson is ‘possibly bisexual and polyamorous’, says showrunner

Lisa Simpson is 'bisexual', 'polyamarous', according to showrunner Al Jean | Photo: Fox

Lisa Simpson could be bisexual and polyamorous in the future, the showrunner for The Simpsons has said.

Al Jean has said he has high hopes for the eight-year-old animated genius.

The showrunner was asked about Lisa, a character people have loved for the past 30 years.

Jean told Metro: ‘I see Lisa as President and possibly polyamorous, [and] Bart enjoying life as he did at the end of the Barthood episode.’

He added: ‘Homer and Marge [are] ecstatic that everything turned out OK.’

Will Lisa Simpson be the next confirmed major LGBTI character? 

Jean also confirmed they are looking to bring more LGBTI characters to The Simpsons.

It has also already been suggested in the show that Lisa will grow up to be LGBTI

In one time-jumping sofa sequence, looking at Christmas cards.

The sequence sees Lisa with a girlfriend, and then part of an all-female throuple, and then marrying Millhouse and having his child.

Another episode saw Lisa sitting in the Oval Office as president, discussing how to clean up the mess Donald Trump left behind.

There are only two LGBTI characters on The Simpsons.

Mr Burns’ assistant Smithers came out 27 seasons into the show’s run.

Patty Bouvier, Lisa’s aunt, came out in season 16 after previously living in the closet.

We have also seen some minor LGBTI characters like Julio, Homer’s roommate. RuPaul and Drag Race season 3 winner Raja also guest-starred on the series in an episode last year.

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