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Listen to the new LGBTI rock musical The View UpStairs from Max Vernon

RuPaul tweeted he loved the 'fabulous' show

Listen to the new LGBTI rock musical The View UpStairs from Max Vernon
The View UpStairs tells the story of the UpStairs Lounge

On 28 February, Max Vernon’s new musical The View UpStairs premiered Off-Broadway at The Lynn Redgrave Theater. It ran until 21 May but in that short time made a lasting impact.

The musical explores the oft-forgotten story of New Orleans’ The UpStairs Lounge, a crucial place in LGBTI history. Four years after the 1969 Stonewall Riots, a 1973 arson set the club ablaze, killing 32 people. It was the largest attack on the community until last year’s Pulse shooting.

Wes (Jeremy Pope), a designer, is the main character of the show. He plans to turn the abandoned building into a clothing boutique in modern day. Through the magic of music, however, he’s transported to 1973, learning the true history of the site and meeting some truly unique characters.

Now, you can listen to the soundtrack for the first time — and it’s something else. It’s available via Broadway Records or streaming for a limited time at the Huffington Post.

With inspiration from David Bowie, The Rock Horror Picture Show, and Hair, there’s no shortage of uniqueness within the songs.

‘Those scores opened me up to a more expansive and imaginative world that celebrated eccentricity, and oozed sexuality and freedom,’ Vernon told the Post. ‘My hope is some weird, queer, artsy kid coming up will discover this music and it will mean something similar to them.’

Legions of fans, including RuPaul

Beyond the soundtrack, the show also began a new slew of performances last night. It’s kicking off the Triangle Players’ 25th Anniversary Season and running through 2 September.

It’s also set its west coast debut for 22 September. It will be playing for Celebration Theatre’s 35th Season at the Lex Theatre.

Plenty of people already love the relatively new show as well, most notably RuPaul. After seeing the show, the star tweeted:

Fans are loving that the soundtrack is finally available too.

Plus, when user rachsyme asked people their top 5 musicals, numerous people cited The View UpStairs.

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