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Lithuania MP warns gay group will face massacre like in Paris

Lithuania MP warns gay group will face massacre like in Paris

A Lithuanian politician has warned a gay group that it is ‘playing with fire’ and its activities could lead to a massacre similar to what happened in Paris.

Algirdas Vaclovas Patackas, previously of the Way of Courage political party, told the leader of gay rights group LGL to expect ‘dead bodies’ if they continue to ‘provocate’.

He was referring to the tragic killings in France earlier this month, where 12 people in the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were killed by extremists.

Patackas issued the statement following LGL’s humorous suggesting the now-defunct 10 litas bank note, which features two men, to be used as LGBTI souvenirs.

In a message published by, the MP said: ‘For black, repulsive and totally unacceptable challenge-provocation you might face no less than black, repulsive and totally unacceptable response.

‘Because in Lithuania, as in every land which calls itself Christian, not everyone turns the left cheek; there are many, who believe in the principle “an eye for an eye”, i.e., the main cause of what has happened in Paris.’

LGL are taking the statement as a threat, approaching the police in order to investigate. They are calling on Patackas to share any information, if he has any, about planned attacks against the group with the police.

‘Despite the fact that this message is directed at me as the head of the organization, all staff members view this message with great unease,’ leader Vladimir Simonko said.

‘If these allegations are real, we place our trust in the national authorities. If this is some sort of a “joke”, I believe that the MP Patackas has very poor sense of humor, which is totally unacceptable in the light of recent tragic events in France.’