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Log Cabin Republicans go after Clinton

Log Cabin Republicans go after Clinton

Hillary Clinton is our best chance of beating Donald Trump

As presidential Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton makes a final push before the Iowa caucus, she faces fire from the Log Cabin Republicans.

The LGBT GOP organization’s web ad takes the candidate to task for her stance against marriage equality. In various clips, from 2002 to 2004, Clinton expresses disapproval of same-sex marriage.

The ad ends with a clip of Senator Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s opponent in this year’s primary, noting in a 2015 interview that ‘it’s important to stand up when the going gets tough.’

‘Democrats and members of the LGBT community have given Hillary Clinton a pass on past transgressions and even allowed her to rewrite the history of the gay rights movement; Log Cabin Republicans will not,’ Gregory T. Angelo, LCR president said in a statement.

Candidate Clinton’s stance on LGBTI rights has been a much discussed topic this bruising primary season. This past November, in a Democratic Party debate, the candidate acknowledged her past, specifically in the 1990s during the conversation of the Defense of Marriage Act (signed into law by then President Bill Clinton).

She has maintained the past is the past, and that now she fully supports marriage equality and LGBTI rights.

In 1996 when DOMA was being considered, Sanders, who was in the House of Representatives, voted against the legislation; it passed the lower chamber rather easily, 342-67.

Despite her history, Clinton recently received the endorsement of the Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBTI civil rights group in the US.

‘All the progress we have made as a nation on LGBT equality — and all the progress we have yet to make — is at stake in November,’  HRC President Chad Griffin said in a 19 January statement.

As for the Republican presidential candidates some pine for the days of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the military policy that blocked gay, lesbian, and bisexual troops from openly serving. Others have stood up for Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to issues marriage certificates to LGBT couples.

All are against marriage equality.

The Iowa caucus is this Monday, 1 February.

Below is the Log Cabin Republican ad:

h/:  BuzzFeed