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Log Cabin Republicans still not backing Romney

The oldest US Republican Party LGBT caucus group is still yet to endorse Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate despite endorsing candidates in the House of Representatives and Senate

Log Cabin Republicans still not backing Romney

The Republican Party’s oldest LGBT caucus group is still yet to endorse the party’s presidential candidate Mitt Romney with just a month until Americans go to the polls.

The organization has only twice withheld its endorsement of a Republican candidate in a presidential election.

In 1992 the group denied its endorsement to presidential candidate George Bush, and in 2004 denied endorsement to his son, George W. Bush, although the group endorsed him in his first presidential run in 2000.

Another Republican LGBT group GOProud has endorsed the Republican’s presidential ticket, but the Log Cabin Republican’s were less than pleased with the party platform endorsed at this year’s Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, calling it ‘ugly and harmful.’

However both GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans were happy with Romney’s Vice-Presidential candidate pick, Paul Ryan, who has said that he is against reinstating the US military’s ban on openly LGBT people serving in the nation’s armed forces.

"I think this issue is past us,’ Ryan told Florida’s WPTV in September.

‘It’s done. And I think we need to move on.’

The Log Cabin Republicans have endorsed a range of candidates in the US House of Representatives but only Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown in the Senate for re-election.

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