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Gay porn star Logan Moore: ‘When you do porn, you have to come out twice!’

Gay porn star Logan Moore: ‘When you do porn, you have to come out twice!’

Logan Moore in the polka dot range for Modus Vivendi

Dutch gay porn star Logan Moore says as an LGBTI adult entertainer, you have to come out twice – and you never know what the reaction is going to be like.

The multi-award-winning actor said he came out to his parents when he was 15.

He then had to come out to them again when he was 27, but this time as an adult entertainer.

Logan Moore wearing Modus Vivendi in his living room
Logan Moore wearing Modus Vivendi. | Photo: supplied

When Moore initially came out as gay, he said his mom joked she had already guessed, just by the way he ran.

Logan Moore told Gay Star News: ‘She was not surprised, especially because I always had the most beautiful girls, but that was not fitting well.’

But he said most people found out he was gay when he won Mr Gay Netherlands at the age of 16.

‘Everybody basically read it in a magazine that I was gay,’ he joked.

Logan Moore for Modus Vivendi
Logan Moore for Modus Vivendi. | Photo: supplied

When Moore left school, he started go-go dancing around Europe and doing a lot of nightlife shows.

He revealed the nightlife scene is closely connected with the porn scene.

I had friends already in the industry,’ he said. ‘Then people kept asking me if I wanted to do it. Each time, I said no – it’s not for me.’

He added: ‘But after 10 years of asking, I was like “OK – try before you die!” I’m so open-minded.

‘So I said to myself: “You know what? Just do something crazy and just try it”,’ he said.

Logan Moore wearing Modus Vivendi while hammering
Logan Moore wearing Modus Vivendi. | Photo: supplied

The conversation with his parents about his porn career went surprisingly well.

‘Of course, I had to come out twice,’ he said. ‘When you do porn, you have to come out again. So that was a little bit more shocking for them than coming out as a gay guy.

‘They’re very open-minded and cool with it,’ he said.

He’s now been doing gay porn full-time for more than four years. He also flies back and forth from his hometown of Maastricht in The Netherlands to Los Angeles, California.

Logan Moore for Modus Vivendi

Logan Moore is a porn actor, but he’s also a screen actor, go-go dancer and model.

The only thing I don’t do is singing,’ he joked.

Just last year, men’s clothing bran Modus Vivendi approached him via Instagram to be one of their influencers.

He said: ‘They liked my selfies and they said they want me for their 2018 campaign. I felt honored.’

Modus Vivendi specialize in men’s underwear and swimwear, as well as sportswear and even latex, leather and fetishwear.

Moore did this year’s summer campaign, featuring the Polka Dot line.

He also did the Spring-Summer Animal underwear line.

In fact, Logan Moore was the first ever influencer Modus Vivendi have used who is also a gay porn star.

‘Between all the models and their abs, I was fucking nervous,’ he joked. ‘But I did a good a job.’

Moore says he basically has the whole collection from Modus Vivendi, but his favorite items are the low briefs and the classic briefs.

He said: ‘They always stay really good and they always feel really nice.’

"Beach time with Modus Vivendi"
Logan Moore in Tel Aviv: “Beach time with Modus Vivendi”. | Photo: Logan Moore / Instagram

He also loves the swim shorts and said he wore them on a recent trip to Tel Aviv.

‘They’re really cool,’ he said. ‘Especially when it looks like it stays wet – I like that.’

And as a go-go dancer, he loves the fetishwear.

He said: ‘You can wear the fetish and leather stuff in the night on jobs. Or if you have a really kinky evening with your boyfriend, you can do that stuff too.

‘But for nightlife, it’s really perfect,’ he said.

And guess what fellas – he’s single!


Modus Vivendi is a client of Gay Star News.