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Logan Paul apologizes for ‘go gay’ comment, then deflects and plays the victim

Logan Paul apologizes for ‘go gay’ comment, then deflects and plays the victim

Logan Paul

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul made headlines two weeks ago when he revealed he wanted to ‘go gay’ in March.

The backlash was swift, with many calling him out for trivializing LGBTI people’s sexualities, implying being gay can just be a phase.

Now the latest episode in his ImPaulsible podcast addresses the controversy in detail. Paul invited LGBTI activist Josh Seefried on to talk through it all.

At the top of the show, he apologizes for his ‘poor choice of words’ and that he ‘misspoke’. He says he’s ‘incredibly sorry’ from the bottom of his heart.

Logan Paul: ‘Going gay is not a choice’

Paul asks Seefried: ‘Did my comment offend you?’

Seefriend simply responds: ‘Oh absolutely.’

He goes on to explain that Paul has a platform to spread messages of inclusion, but this comment missed the mark.

Paul then asks: ‘So if I want to hook up with dudes for a month in March, I can’t do that?’

Seefried responds: ‘If you genuinely want to experiment with men, that’s a different thing, than saying “I’m gonna go gay for a month”‘.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul. | Photo: Logan Paul Vlogs / YouTube

Paul then said: ‘Going gay is not a choice. It is not what I implied when I said that. That is the narrative that the media decided to run with. I’ve never thought that.’

He says he understands that you cannot go gay for a month.

Paul later says: ‘But I am uninterested in playing this game where I try to appease everyone any more. I don’t give a fuck. I’m gonna be myself. If you like watching my content, please do. Like and subscribe, get my merch.

‘If you don’t – don’t watch my fucking content,’ he said.

Getting more worked up by this stage, he then says: ‘This is important for me because I am a huge proponent of the LGBTQ community.

‘Huge,’ he says as he slams his fists on the table in frustration. ‘And I always have been. I love it. I love the movement and I’m sorry I’m getting so fired up.’

Playing the victim

‘This hurts me because I am such a pro-gay dude.’

‘I did not say that was a joke. That was the narrative that the media decided to run with because my name is Logan Paul. If I want to hook up with dudes in March, I’m gonna fucking do it.’

He then added: ‘I do feel like there’s a pile of rocks on me. As you know, I have been at the center of public controversy. But I do feel like there’s a magnifying glass on me now.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul. | Photo: Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons

Paul then showed a video clip of Joe Rogan saying a joke about President Trump turning women gay.

‘Not a single [piece of media] about that,’ Paul said.

Seefried then immediately says: ‘Shame on you for trying to deflect your own actions. You’re deflecting from your own actions.’

‘Not really,’ Paul responds. ‘I made it very clear that I am very sorry for any implication that being gay is a choice. And I’m saying, where is the line drawn?’

Paul then revealed he can’t be homophobic because he’s ‘kissed many men’.

‘Whether it’s on film. Whether it’s just fucking around on vlogs. This is why when I’m under attack for this whole thing, I’m sitting here thinking if I should tweet these pictures of me kissing dudes. This whole thing hurts.’

Paul later gave an example of a gay person who wasn’t offended by his joke. He also urged people to be nicer to him, when they’re calling him out for his offensive comments. As well as the dangers of ‘cancel culture’.

Watch the full exchange:

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