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Loki is getting his own Marvel TV show and he better be super queer

Loki is getting his own Marvel TV show and he better be super queer

Disney is getting ready to launch its very own streaming service and with it is coming brand new Marvel titles — including limited series about some of our favorite characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to a report from Variety, the series are expected to focus on characters without their own standalone films.

One of those characters happens to be the trickster god Loki — and, yes, actor Tom Hiddleston might reprise the role.

Each series is expected to have six to eight episodes, as well as a significant budget.

One more thing the Loki series should have: a lot of queer identity.

It’s about time we get a queer Loki on screen

Since Loki’s history in Norse mythology, as a trickster and shape-shifting god with various relationships with the other gods, his gender and sexuality have always been fluid.

He is not only the father of Hel, and the mother of the eight-legged horse Sleipnir (giving birth as a mare), but a being that does not subscribe to society’s mandated binary nature.

In the comics, this queer nature remains.

Earlier this year, the god got his very own title, Loki: Agent of Asgard. This is how writer Al Ewing described him in the comic: ‘Yes, Loki is bi and I’ll be touching on that. He’ll shift between genders occasionally as well.’

It’s always been this way

Here are a few examples of Loki’s fluidity in the comics:

As Kid Loki, he joined the Young Avengers. In these panels, he’s talking with fellow teammate David Alleyne aka Prodigy, who is openly bisexual.

In the conversation, Loki says that Asgardian culture ‘doesn’t really share your concept of sexual identity. There are sexual acts, that’s it.’

It’s important to remember Loki doesn’t hail from Earth and that Asgard likely doesn’t subscribe to such heteronormative ideas.

Kid Loki
Kid Loki talking about Asgardian culture | Photo: Marvel Comics

In an exchange with Squirrel Girl, Loki describes himself as a ‘genderfluid demigod’.

Loki and Squirrel Girl
Loki with Squirrel Girl | Photo: Marvel Comics

Finally, here’s Loki described as ‘both son and daughter’.

Odin speaking about Loki
Loki as both daughter and son | Photo: Marvel Comics

It’s the same for other media including Loki. Author Mackenzi Lee is writing a series of historical fiction novels, the first of which is going to be about Loki. In a tweet, she described him as a ‘canonically pansexual and gender fluid character’.

This is what we should get in the Marvel series too. Hiddleston is already on board with a queer Loki, too

It would also be great reparations for all the lapses in Marvel’s LGBTI representation, as they have cut queer moments more than once. There was Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok and also a plot from Black Panther.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently said there will be two queer characters popping up in MCU projects, including a character fans already know. Could it be Loki? Fingers crossed!

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