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London’s WorldPride launches new site in push for global gay rights

London’s WorldPride organizers, buoyed up by Obama, say ‘Today London, Tomorrow the World’ for LGBT rights

London’s WorldPride launches new site in push for global gay rights

London’s WorldPride event has responded to Barack Obama’s support for gay marriage by launching it’s campaign for this year – ‘Today London, Tomorrow the World’.

The UK capital will host the WorldPride festival this year ahead of the Olympics and Gay Star News is official news partner of the event.

And in line with its newly revealed campaign, Pride London, which is organizing the global event has launched a brand new website with information about the main pride day on 7 July, the two-week festival from 29 June to 8 July and more – including how the public and organizations can get involved.

WorldPride this year is pushing to decriminalize homosexuality worldwide and drive global equality for LGBT people. As it is in the British capital, organizers are putting the emphasis on the Commonwealth where 41 or the 53 member states still outlaw lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people with jail, corporal punishment and even the death penalty still used.

Patrick Williams, chair of Pride London, said: ‘Considering that the criminalization of homosexuality and sodomy laws is a legacy of the British colonization of these countries, we have a responsibility to the LGBT people living in those countries to fight for their rights as human beings.’

Uwern Jong, director of communications at Pride London, said ‘This campaign and the new look and feel of our communications fully supports Pride London’s mission. Pride London is after all a “massive celebration of equality and diversity, through which the country and the world is inspired and empowered to take action against the discrimination of the LGBT community”.

‘I’m thrilled that we are taking a vocal, inspiring and empowering stance this year and can’t wait to work with our partners and the media to create a huge impact from this year’s event.

‘We are already working with the UK’s LGBT media and bloggers, as well as a totally global network of LGBT platforms – spanning media, pride organizations, charities and business networks across the world, in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany and France just to name a few countries.

‘We’re also working with networks in the 41 Commonwealth nations to bring hope to our LGBT brothers and sisters who live there.

‘Social networking is also something that is really big for us this year in spreading our message of hope – we urge everyone to become a friend or follow Pride London on Facebook and on Twitter and share it with their friends across the world. This way, we can gain critical mass and achieve our WorldPride objectives.’

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