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Senior college academic suspended after comparing ‘gayism’ to Nazism, principal goes on ‘leave’

Dance and drama consultant for leading London college claimed teachers can turn pupils gay through indoctrination

Senior college academic suspended after comparing ‘gayism’ to Nazism, principal goes on ‘leave’

One of London’s leading colleges has suspended its head of dance and drama after he was caught ranting about ‘gayism’.

The incident has also seen the principal go on a leave of absence.

In his 50 minute speech Dr Mark Walcott, of Newham College in East London, suggested having Elton John as a headteacher would turn children gay.

He said LGBTI people indoctrinate children, like the Ku Klux Klan or the Nazis.

He told colleagues he had investigated a school leading to the dismissal of a teacher because of his sexuality.

What he didn’t appear to know is he was being secretly recorded.

Walcott said: ‘Sexual preference does become a ideology. I have a teacher who I was supposed to employ who teaches dance but his gayism was so up front I was asked not to employ him because it wouldn’t be good for our students.

‘He is so gay he does it to the students and thinks it’s acceptable. He brings his gayism out in the classroom in his dance.

‘I will give you a name of someone I would never have running a school. Elton John. His gayism is so liberal.’

And he recalled a time when a teacher was fired because of his sexuality.

He said: ‘The problem was he was gay. That was the main problem. There is not a problem a headteacher or any teacher being gay. It’s when it seeps into their work.

‘The parents of the school didn’t know he was gay.

‘They could never say they removed him because he is gay because that would never work. It is all politics and rhetoric and what kind of wording you can use.

‘They removed him because he’s gay. But they couldn’t say that. So the found another wording to remove him that was acceptable. Simple. And they are doing it every day of the week.’

He also said he believes ‘gayism’ can be taught – even though all the scientific evidence suggests homosexuality is a result of genetic, hormonal or natural, uncontrollable factors.

Walcott said: ‘Gayism or any sexual preference is subliminally taught and auto-suggestive.

‘If you get someone who belongs to the Ku Klux Klan to run a school, we can assume there are going to be racial influences. I am making a very simple compare and contrast. It is indoctrination.

‘If you found a school where all the teachers were gay. It’s a gay school. [Like] Eton has certain things that the whole school “is”, because it is Eton. They [the hypothetical school] are a gay Eton.

‘The statistics show more than 50% of the students that turn out of the school are gay. This is a hypothetical story. Do you think it would have anything to do with the fact all the teachers are gay?

‘You can find people who are gay and they are using their sexuality to stream through the way they teach to students. To boy children especially in boy schools.

‘And those boys are becoming gay, not because they have got a gay gene but because they have gay teachers and are slowly indoctrinating them with their gay mentality.’

When Gay Star News spoke to Dr Walcott he said he didn’t recall making the remarks.

He would not comment further.

Meanwhile Newham College’s principal, Denise Brown Sackey, also refused to respond to the allegations when Gay Star News originally alerted her to them last week.

She said in a statement to us: ‘Newham College has no comment to make apart from all complaints are dealt with following college procedures, which includes a full investigation. Any comments printed which are defamatory or untrue will be referred to our solicitors.’

When GSN asked Newham College this week why they had responded in this way to us last week, only to subsequently suspend Walcott later, they issued a very different statement.

A college spokesman said: ‘In light of recent events concerning an online recording expressing views which do not reflect the values of Newham College, and in the best interests of the college, the board of governors has agreed with the principal, Denise Brown-Sackey, that she will take a leave of absence, pending an independent investigation into recent allegations.

‘Newham College’s focus remains unwaveringly on its learners. We are proud of our reputation as a leading college and a fair employer, not least as the only FE College in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index top 100, and will continue to make this the focus of our work.’

It has also transpired Stonewall, Britain’s leading gay charity, had originally told Newham College they were concerned about the incident more than a year ago.

Veteran gay activist Peter Tatchell says he also knew about the problem.

He told us: ‘I was alerted to the allegations against Newham College in 2012. I was under the impression they’d been dealt with. Evidently not.

‘The college says it is setting up an investigation. This is not good enough. There needs to be a completely independent investigation by an external body that has no links to the college.’

The person who made the secret recording was originally a mystery, but now ITV News has discovered it was made by former music technology lecturer James Yates on his phone.

Other sources have told GSN they regret the incident as Newham College has previously been diverse and welcoming.

Listen to the recording here:

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