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London Gay Men's Chorus are Proud2Be gay

Gay choir join latest online campaign to support LGBT youth

London Gay Men's Chorus are Proud2Be gay

The London Gay Men's Chorus have recorded a Proud2Be video in support of the online campaign.

The Proud2Be project was founded in 2011 by gay identical twin brothers Matt and Jon Price with the aim to show LGBTQ youth that there are many people all over the world who are just like them and are proud to be who they are.

In a video posted on the Proud2Be website, the project founders said: 'We both knew we were gay from a very early age and the overriding message we received as young gay children was that it was wrong to be gay.

'A couple of years ago a friend asked us if we were proud to be gay and we both answered “No.” Being gay was something we had learned to tolerate and maybe accept , not something we thought we could be proud of or truly celebrate.

'It was only when we began questioning those messages we received as children that we allowed ourselves to believe something different about ourselves.

'And that's what the Proud2Be project is all about. It's offering a new message to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender children. They are out there and they deserve to hear a different message.'

Basi Akpabio, LGMC Trustee told Gay Star News: 'The London Gay Men's Chorus was delighted to support the Proud2Be campaign as it's a close fit with what we set out to do – to touch lives and challenge preconceptions by performing as an identifiably gay group.  

'Everyone in the Chorus faced the challenge of growing up gay and it's hugely worthwhile to extend whatever help we can to young people today.  For this reason we have just launched a youth education programme and a schools choir will feature in our 21st anniversary concert in May.'

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