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London man jailed for life after being found guilty of setting fire to gay bar for the second time

London man jailed for life after being found guilty of setting fire to gay bar for the second time

Jason Fossett of Norwood was jailed for life

A London man was jailed for life after he was found guilty of setting fire to a London gay bar for the second time.

Jason Fossett, from Norwood in west London, piled garbage against the fire exit of the Two Brewers in Clapham.

As there were hundreds of LGBTI people inside, he set it alight and fled on 20 March.

The 46-year-old pleaded guilty to arson with intent to endanger life at Inner London Crown Court.

He claimed in court he could not remember starting the fire after ‘having a couple of drinks’.

The pub manager had seen Fossett loitering outside in the alleyway moments before the fire was started, according to the Standard.

The fire was put out very early, preventing further damage to the club.

No one was injured.

The arsonist was then traced through his bank card after CCTV footage found him buying two drinks at the bar. Officers searched his home, found receipts from the Two Brewers, and a red leather satchel which matched the captured footage.

In 2004, Fossett was jailed for eight years for targeting the same venue in an arson attack.

London arsonist is ‘clearly a dangerous character’

PC Paul Waterman said: ‘Fossett is clearly a dangerous character who deliberately went out of his way to set fire to the bar in a carefully calculated attack.

‘It was sheer luck that the fire was spotted in its early stages to prevent any further damage or anyone sustaining any injuries.

‘By working with my colleagues in Lambeth CID and with the cooperation and assistance of staff from the Two Brewers, we ensured that Fossett was brought to justice and has been put behind bars.

‘I hope Fossett uses his time behind bars to reflect on his actions.’

He was sentenced to life in prison on Friday with a minimum sentence of three years and 244 days.