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Which lucky London postbox will you choose for a Pride makeover?

Which lucky London postbox will you choose for a Pride makeover?

Royal Mail

Royal Mail wants to paint the town in fabulous rainbow colors, but they need your help in deciding where.

So they’re asking Gay Star News readers to have their say.

Royal Mail want to create a special edition Pride postbox, right before the start of Pride in London.

They’ve chosen three destinations around central London (with postboxes ready for transformations) that hold special meaning for LGBTI people.

They are:

  • Regent Street (W1B 4EA)
  • Old Compton Street, Soho (W1D 5JR)
  • Vauxhall Station, Lambeth (SW8 2LG)

Regent Street is right in the middle of the Pride in London parade route. Old Compton Street is famous for its ties to the LGBTI community, with many of the bustling bars and clubs sprinkled along the road. And Vauxhall is home to scores of LGBTI people.

Rainbow Royal Mail

Royal Mail is committed to LGBTI equality. Six LGBTI employees told their inspiring stories during GSN’s Digital Pride this year. They’ve also previously painted postboxes around London in rainbow colors.

Andreyana Ivanova, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Royal Mail said: ‘As one of the UK’s largest employers, Royal Mail takes diversity and inclusion very seriously.

‘We are proud to celebrate all forms of diversity in the workplace and are committed to creating a working environment where everyone can bring their whole selves.

Royal Mail Pride truck in front of Westminster
Royal Mail Pride truck. | Photo: supplied

‘We are delighted that Pride in London 2018 will mark our special edition Pride postbox. Rainbow postboxes are a much loved and recognised symbol by the LGBTI community and other diversity groups within Royal Mail.

‘As an LGBTI-inclusive organization that has presence in every single community in the UK, we wanted to share our symbol of pride with the communities we serve, and we are very much looking forward to seeing which location Gay Star News readers choose for the postbox!’

Have your say in the vote below:

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