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London rapist of trans woman may have attacked others

London rapist of trans woman may have attacked others

London police believe a rapist jailed for raping a trans woman more than a decade ago may be responsible for other crimes.

Mohammad Saleem, 43, was jailed for eight years last week for raping Anna Vincent, then 36, in a Camden Town alleyway in 2001.

Vincent never saw her attacker come to justice, as she died in 2006.

The accused was not linked to the crime until a cold case a decade later discovered semen in the alleyway was found to be a one-in-a-billion match with his DNA.

Jurors at the Old Bailey heard Vincent was leaving a birthday party in Kentish Town when she was grabbed by Salim at around 10pm.

Vincent, who was working at the Oxfam charity, told police at the time she was too drunk to resist Salim when he told her ‘I take you home’ and dragged her into a sidestreet.

When Salim tried to make her give him oral sex, she refused, and Salim forced himself on her and anally raped her.

Salim, who was originally from Somalia, then vomited and ran off.

Vincent did not report the attack at first, as she assumed the police would not take her seriously, but was later persuaded to contact the police the following day.

Following Saleem’s conviction and sentencing, Detective Chief Inspector Adam Lowe says it is ‘highly likely’ he committed further sexual offences.

As reported by Ham & High newspaper, he said: ‘We are releasing his image today in the hope anyone who recognizes him as a suspect contacts the Metropolitan Police Serious and Complex Case Team.

‘This case demonstrates that the Metropolitan Police Service will continue to investigate serious sexual offences whatever time period has passed.’

‘In this particular case, it is extremely sad that the victim passed away before her attacker was brought to justice.’