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London council waves Pride flag with seventh black stripe on LGBTI History Month

London council waves Pride flag with seventh black stripe on LGBTI History Month

Mayor of Brent Cllr Arshad Mahmood raises the LGBT+ flag, with a seventh black stripe, at Brent Civic Centre

A London council is raising spirits by raising a pride flag with a difference; a seventh stripe.

Brent, in North West London, raised the flag outside Brent Civic Centre earlier this week (19 February).

The flag design sees the black stripe strike between the traditional blue and purple stripes.

While the new strip does not specifically honor queer people of colour, it has opened up conversations about LGBTI and race intersections.

‘Peace, Activism and Reconciliation’

The Mayor of Brent, Councillor Arshad Mahmood, hoisted the flag.

This was to honor of LGBTI History Month, which takes place in the UK in February.

This year’s theme is ‘Peace, Activism and Reconciliation’.

A part of the community for 10 years

Significantly, a council spokesperson told Gay Star News the first Pride flag in the town was raised 10 years ago and has become an annual tradition for the borough.

They added: ‘It is the spectrum which gives the flag its special symbolism, rather than the individual colours.

‘But we’re pleased that it has opened up new conversations about the intersections between the LGBT community and BAME groups.’

Furthermore, the London Borough of Brent is home to a large BAME community.

Around 63% of residents identifying as non-white according to the 2011 census.

Mahmood said in a press release the flag is a ‘step in the right direction to combat certain prejudices.’

Redesigned flags raised high

Likewise, Manchester Pride adopted a redesigned Pride flag with a brown and black stripe.

Similarly, the new rainbow flag includes a black and brown stripe in acknowledgement of LGBTI people of color within the community.

The eight-stripe flag will be their official banner for all 2019 events.

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