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London gay couple denied adoption as they had ‘no toys’ in their childless house

London gay couple denied adoption as they had ‘no toys’ in their childless house

A gay couple wants to adopt but are being denied for ridiculous reasons

A gay couple has claimed they have been denied permission to adopt because of several ridiculous reasons.

Matthew Broadway-Horner, 42, and Pradeep De Silva, 39, have been trying to adopt for two years now.

They are willing adopt one child or siblings up to eight years old and of any ethnicity, making them a ‘golden couple’ in the eyes of most adoption agencies.

But social workers have allegedly told them several things that have made them question whether the British adoption system is homophobic:

  • They were asked who would take on the ‘role of the mother’.
  • They were told they had been rejected as they had no toys in the house, even though they had no kids yet.
  • They were asked how many women they have in the family.
  • Despite being an interracial couple, social workers told them they were not ‘ethnically accepting’ enough.
  • They were also told they didn’t know enough about ‘Romanian or Nigerian culture’, despite they were willing to learn about the background of any child.

Matthew and Pradeep told the Metro they could offer a child ‘patience, passion, objectivity, nurture and a side salad of autonomy as fertile soil to grow and be the person they were born to be.’

But because of the stresses of the process, they said they are withdrawing their names and looking at other options.

A spokesperson for Tower Hamlets council said: ‘Currently across the UK, there are far more families waiting to be matched with children than there are children who need to be adopted. Social workers, therefore, have a difficult task in deciding where to place children into adoptive care.’

They added: ‘‘In this specific case, we can confirm that the couple were approved for adoption by us in September 2014.

‘As yet a match has not been made despite attempts from both the family and a number of local authorities including us. As a result, they have now decided to withdraw from the process. It is unfortunate that they have decided on this course of action and we will retain an open door should they change their mind.’