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Eurovision ‘Euphoria’ winner comes out as bisexual

Eurovision ‘Euphoria’ winner comes out as bisexual

Loreen's song Euphoria won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012

Swedish Eurovision winner Loreen has come out as bisexual.

With her song Euphoria, Sweden’s pop princess broke Eurovision Song Contest records in 2012.

She won with a total of 372 points and clocked the highest number of maximum points received, with 18 countries awarding her top marks.

Now she has officially come out as bisexual on Swedish television.

In an interview with TV host Renée Nyberg, the singer said she falls in love with human beings rather than a certain gender.

‘Many people are so focused on sex, on sexuality. Love is so much more,’ she said.

‘I usuaully say “Love is where you find it”.’

When asked whether that meant she was bisexual, Loreen said she ‘quite simply’ was.

Although the singer is busy with her upcoming second album and a potential second shot at Eurovision glory, didn’t want to divulge her relationship status but said she was ‘married to the job’.

Loreen isn’t getting lonely though, as she was quick to assure Nyberg.

‘I have a functional sex life,’ she said.

‘It’s important to have.’

It’s the first time Loreen has officially called herself bisexual, but she hinted at her sexuality in previous interviews.

In 2011, she told Swedish LGBTI magazine QX people it would be wrong to say she only liked men.

‘I’m open. I want to find love,’ she said back then.

‘And if I find it with a woman and it feels right, then it is right.’

This year, Loreen will take a shot at bringing Eurovision glory to Sweden once more.

She is set to compete in the Musikfestivalen, Sweden’s traditional Eurovision preliminaries to decide which act the country will send.

Loreen will present her new song, called Statements, on 25 February.