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Los Angeles home ransacked, spray painted with anti-gay slurs

Los Angeles home ransacked, spray painted with anti-gay slurs

A home in Los Angeles, California, was targeted in a homophobic hate crime with anti-gay graffiti spray painted throughout the house.

The vandalised property is located in the Van Nuys neighborhood in the central San Fernando Valley region of the city.

According to ABC7, authorities received a report of a burglary in the 7400 block of Vista Del Monte Avenue on Tuesday at about 7pm.

The home’s door was open when the Los Angeles Police Department arrived. No one was inside the house.

Neighbors revealed that the owners have lived in the residence for around a year, and had recently completed remodelling the whole house.

Authorities revealed that items were stolen and there was extensive damage to the house.

According to LA Times, the culprits ransacked the place, kicked in the walls and destroyed the water pipes. Gallons of paint and bleach were also dumped throughout the house.

‘We found that there was anti-gay graffiti that had been spray painted inside the residence,’ said Sgt. Jerald Case. ‘Anything that’s a sensitive nature like this we take it very seriously.’

There was no reports of any injury or description of a suspect or suspects, according to the LAPD, and detectives are hoping to find surveillance video in the area that could help them identify the suspects.

Watch the report by ABC7 here: