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Louisiana bakery refuses order for lesbian couple’s wedding cake

Louisiana bakery refuses order for lesbian couple’s wedding cake

Jenita Billiot and Sarah Matherne

A lesbian couple in Louisiana have taken to social media to complain after a local bakery refused to make them a wedding cake.

Sarah Matherne is marrying her long-time girlfriend Jenita Billiot. Last Wednesday, she rang Caro’s Cakes and Catering in Houma and asked if she could reserve an appointment for the preparation of a wedding cake.

‘They had an appointment available and immediately asked for the bride’s name,’ she told WVUE New Orleans.

‘I told her who it was. It was obviously a female name, and then she asked for the groom’s name. That’s when I told her it was two brides and that her name was Jenita. I was excited. I was ordering my wedding cake and she said “No, we don’t do that.”’

Matherne was upset by the response and posted it about it on her Facebook page – prompting a large number of similarly outraged comments from friends and family.

Louisiana is one of the states where LGBT people are not protected from such discrimination. The only exceptions are New Orleans and Shreveport, which have both passed ordinances against discrimination against gays and lesbians.

‘It may be legally permissible for a business to do this, but it’s wrong,’ said Louisiana ACLU Executive Director Marjorie Esman to WVUE New Orleans. ‘Sexual orientation does not yet have that protection, and it leaves people vulnerable.’

‘I’m reminded that people don’t like us. People don’t like us being able to get married,’ added Matherne, who says that the wedding will go ahead as planned but using a different bakery to make the wedding cake.

Matherne has been approached for further comment.

The controversy has resulted in many people leaving comments on the Facebook page of Caro’s Cake’s and Catering Inc.

‘When a friend of mine shared a post saying that you guys refused to make a person’s cake simply because they were gay, I was astounded,’ said one Andrea Boudreaux. ‘I too am a catholic woman and would have never EVER acted so poorly to someone that simply wanted you to make their cake for their special day. This is a business, not a church.’

Duane Caro, the bakery’s owner, told Houma Today that he stood by his decision.

‘My intent was not to hurt anybody, but just to be true to God and my Catholic faith. I’d like to thank everyone for their prayers.

‘Please continue to pray for healing for ourselves and our nation.’