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Louisiana considering making the Bible the US state’s official book

Louisiana considering making the Bible the US state’s official book

The legislature in Louisiana is considering making the Bible the state’s official book.

On 10 April, a committee in the southern US state’s House of Representatives passed the bill 8 to 5.

According to National Public Radio the legislation, which is ready for consideration by the full House, was supported by both Democrats and Republicans.

There was some debate about which version of the Bible should be endorsed. Some wanted the oldest edition of the Holy Bible in the Louisiana State Museum system to get the nod.

Others preferred the King James version, but this was nixed because Catholics do not use that volume.

Eventually the bill’s text was changed to simply say ‘Holy Bible.’

The state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union warned the proposal does not adhere to the First Amendment.

‘The bill will create more problems than it will solve by telling some Louisianians that their belief system is not full equal,’ the group said in a statement, according to NPR.

The state House takes moral issues seriously. Earlier this week, a measure that would have removed the anti-sodomy ordinance from the books was defeated.

The statute cannot be enforced, or used in an arrest, because the US Supreme Court ruled, in 2003,  anti-sodomy laws unconstitutional.