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Louisiana lawsuit against library claims drag queens reading to kids is ‘unconstitutional’

Louisiana lawsuit against library claims drag queens reading to kids is ‘unconstitutional’

Street signs in Lafayette, Louisiana

A lawyer in Louisiana is attempting to sue the Lafayette Public Library for hosting Drag Queen Story Time.

Drag Queen Story Time or Story Hour is a popular event in libraries across the country. For the event, drag queens read story books to children. Many consider it a great way for kids to learn to become accepting of people’s differences.

What happened?

The Lafayette Public Library scheduled their Drag Queen Story Time for 6 October. It will feature drag queens from the University of Louisiana Lafayette’s Delta Lambda Phi chapter. The event is recommended for children 3-6 and their families.

This event has been the center of debate since it was announced on 18 August. Mayor Joel Robideaux threatened to cancel the event.

‘I will also be asking the library’s board of control to conduct a thorough review of its programming and approval process for taxpayer-funded events,’ Robideaux said.

On 18 September, Lafayette City-Parish Council’s vote to oppose the approval of Drag Queen Story Time failed.

The lawsuit

Now, two religious organizations have filed a lawsuit against the Lafayette Consolidated Government over this event.

Chris Sevier, an evangelical lawyer not licensed to practice law in Louisiana according to the Louisiana State Bar Association, is leading the lawsuit.

Sevier claims Drag Queen Story Time is a violation of the First Amendment, as it is allegedly ‘endorsing secular humanism.’

Who is Chris Sevier?

Sevier is a notoriously anti-gay lawyer who previously attempted to marry his computer. Moreover, he sued Apple for his porn addiction, stalked a 17-year-old girl, was convicted of assaulting his father-in-law, and spent 58 days in a Texas jail for attempting to abduct his son.

Sevier, who is from Tennessee, had his license to practice law suspended by the Tennessee Bar Association. They cited ‘mental illness’ as the reason.

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