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‘Love has no label’: Unbranded beer for marriage equality in Taiwan

‘Love has no label’: Unbranded beer for marriage equality in Taiwan

Taihu Brewing launches beer to support marriage equality (Photo: Facebook)

Taihu Brewing launched a craft beer to promote marriage equality in Taiwan this month. The lychee-flavored beer features a blank label with the word ‘love has no label’ printed in a small font.

Taiwan will next month hold a referendum on whether the country’s civil code should recognize same-sex marriage.

The country’s highest court ruled last May that refusing same-sex couples the right to marry was unconstitutional. It was the first such ruling in Asia.

The judges gave a two-year year deadline for legalization of same-sex marriage. But, politicians have been slow to legislate.

Conservative campaigners have pushed for a referendum on whether to change the country’s civil code or enact separate legislation for same-sex partnerships.

Their petition for a referendum was successful and Taiwan will go to the polls on 24 November.

Taihu launched their new product with a ‘white party’ in the capital city, Taipei, this week. The company also sold ‘love has no label’ T-shirts.

They encouraged people to vote in favor of equal marriage at the polls on 24 November.

Taipei on Saturday (27 October) will host the annual Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade. As Asia’s largest, more than 100,000 people attended in 2017.