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‘Love is Love’ shows us why marriage is important

‘Love is Love’ shows us why marriage is important

There are still a lot of people – both gay and straight – who say marriage today is ‘pointless’ or ‘redundant’.

But the video below shows it still means a lot for people to be able to say they want to make a commitment, and they want their love to last the rest of their lives.

As one man puts it: ‘You come home at the end of the day, you discover your laundry’s been done, your dinner’s been made: You’re cared about.’

The video shows even cynics can be turned around. ‘I didn’t think that after being together for so many years that getting married would change us, but it really did.’

Sam Clarke, who edited the video, told Gay Star News: ‘Six One Seven Studios [the agency who created the video], run by Bryan Roberts and Joe Palumbo, decided they wanted to do what they could to help to continue to build public support for the legalized freedom to marry now that the Supreme Court has finally made it a constitutional right of all Americans.

‘The team put out several online posts in their local area looking for a wide variety of committed gay couples.

‘Each couple showed that although their stories, background and paths was unique: the story of love was not. The video reveals them as committed couples, reinforcing the message love is universal, and the freedom to be able to express that love through marriage is fundamental.’